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Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

24/7 Emergency Repair

Minimal Downtime

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Is your kitchen line exhaust system not working?

Is your fan making excessive noise or vibration?

Is your kitchen filling with smoke despite the fan being turned on?

Are your building doors suctioning shut?

SB Mechanical offers repair and maintenance of your commercial exhaust fan equipment. From full cleanings to replacement parts, SB Mechanical’s team of technicians are trained in problem solving to diagnose and repair the issue in an efficient and timely manner.

Did you know that exhaust fans move the heat and contaminated air out of the building? By pulling fresh air from the outside to the inside of your building, make-up air units improve indoor air quality make-up air units are required where large volumes of air are being exhausted.

Make-up air units provide cool or heated air to your building, replacing air that has been ventilated out. These units are required in buildings where large volumes of air are being exhausted. Units can also provide positive air pressure. Positive air pressure occurs when the air pressure inside the building is greater than the outside, allowing air to flow out of the building. A lack of makeup air could increase a building’s heating and cooling costs, and potentially reduce the useful life of mechanical equipment. In restaurants, make-up air units can help to keep odors out of dining areas, prevent carbon monoxide buildup, and decrease the risk of back drafting.


  • Fan bearing failure
  • Worn or broken belts
  • Motor failure
  • Velocity problems

At SB Mechanical, all exhaust fans and make up air systems are added to our quarterly or semi-annual preventive maintenance programs. Often these units are overlooked in maintenance plans, although they are some of the most used pieces of equipment in many facilities!

Reach out today for a full assessment on your kitchen equipment and a customized preventative maintenance plan just for you!

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