Commercial HVAC Heating & Cooling

SB Mechanical is your choice for commercial HVAC rooftop heating and cooling unit replacement, commercial HVAC repair service, and sales in Waterloo Region and surrounding areas. 

We know that rooftop units and HVAC systems are manufactured in various configurations and each one is different. Whether your rooftop unit is brand new or was installed when your building was built long ago, our HVAC technicians can help.

 When you work with one of our experienced staff, they can provide recommendations on the right heating, cooling and indoor air quality systems that should be installed in new residential, commercial and industrial builds. We can provide quotes, review drawings and provide advice.

Even the slightest variation in temperature or humidity can drive customers away, lower employee productivity, affect service, and spoil goods.

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring efficient operation. Repair or replace your rooftop heating and cooling unit today and avoid unexpected complications tomorrow.

An updated rooftop heating and cooling unit will ensure you’ll spend less time managing building comfort and more time managing your business. New technology and high-efficiency equipment will lower your energy costs and improve indoor air quality.

Our commercial HVAC division provides HVAC unit sales and repair services for heating, cooling, refrigeration, ventilation and gas needs including:

  • Ductless systems
  • Package systems (rooftop units)  
  • Tube heaters
  • Heat pumps
  • Data Center/Server Rooms
  • Exhaust systems
  • Temperature controls

Choosing the right rooftop HVAC unit is an important decision. This unit will have a significant impact on your business, so making the right choice is important.

When you arrange a complimentary consultation, we will come to your organization and extend a free heating and cooling precautionary inspection and/or replacement quote.