Gas Installation and Repair

SB Mechanical HVAC technicians are certified and ready to help you with your gas fitting and system repairs. With a G1 technician on staff, we can service large over 400,000BTU units, boilers in plants, large apartment buildings and large industrial gas equipment.

 Whether you’re looking to install a Gas barbecue, relocate your pool heater, or purchase a gas appliance, our team can:

  • Install a new gas pipe: We will provide professional connections of any new gas appliances you need to hook up within or outside of your home.
  • Relocate and repair gas pipes We offer quick and reliable diagnostics of issues and problems, and immediately take the necessary steps to repair the issues safely.
  • Install gas appliances
  • Water heater servicing

Gas line problems can be daunting. If you a have a leak which is not detected in time, you risk putting your home and family in danger. In the worst circumstances, multiple households could be affected. Gas leaks can easily be detected if you know what to look for, and it is important to be informed in order to be safe. The signs of a gas leak are usually:

  • A rotten egg or petroleum-like smell that occurs from a source in your home
  • Discoloured vegetation on any part of your lawn
  • An unusual sound or loud hissing noise
  • Your boiler producing less heat
  • your gas appliances are not working properly or make strange sounds it could be a sign of damaged connections.
  • your gas bills are remarkably high with no explanation

All of these signs are hints that you should call us immediately.  If you suspect a gas leak, Try to locate the shut-off valve at the gas meter and close it. Call emergency services if you can’t locate it.


  • Leave the area immediately. Open windows and doors if you can.
  • Do not use electronic devices (phones, appliances), open flames (smoking, candles, matches), vehicles or motors, lights or switches.
  • Do not attempt to put fires out yourself, always contact emergency services at 911